Have you ever wished to erase a DTF print off a shirt but didn’t know how? DTF (Direct to Film) printing is a common process for transferring graphics onto shirts, but removing it may be difficult. It may spoil the shirt if it’s not done properly, leaving you with an unusable item of clothing. That’s where this blog post comes in. We’re here to provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to remove DTF print from shirt successfully. We’ll also give you some pointers to make sure you don’t destroy the shirt in the process.

You’ll know how to safely remove DTF print from your shirt by the end of this tutorial. You’ll feel confident doing it. This article will be useful whether you’re attempting to save a cherished shirt or just want to get rid of an unpleasant design. Let’s begin to figure out how to pull DTF print off of a shirt!

how to remove DTF print from shirt

Can you remove print from a shirt?

Yes, it is possible to remove prints from a shirt. Depending on the kind of pattern and the fabric of the garment, you may attempt a variety of techniques. These techniques include the use of professional stain removers, Acetone, baking soda, rubbing alcohol, and vinegar. It’s vital to keep in mind that certain prints could be harder to get off than others. There is always a chance of the garment becoming ruined. Before trying to remove the print from the remainder of the garment, it is a good idea to test any approach on a small, discrete section of the shirt. You may easily get rid of unsightly prints from a shirt by implementing the appropriate techniques and supplies.

Materials Needed

To make the task of removing DTF print from a shirt as easy and effective as possible, you’ll need a few supplies. Everything you’ll need is as follows:

  • Rubbing alcohol: An important tool for removing DTF print off a garment is rubbing alcohol. It facilitates the breakdown of the print and facilitates its removal. You can use Acetone in place of rubbing alcohol.
  • Cotton balls: Rubbing alcohol will be applied on the clothing using cotton balls.
  • Scraper tool: You’ll need a scraper tool to carefully scrape the DTF print away. You may make use of an old credit card or even a plastic scraper
  • Washing the garment with detergent and water after removing the DTF print is necessary to get rid of any leftover ink.
  • Towel – After washing the clothing, a towel will be helpful for drying it.

Steps to Remove DTF Print from a Shirt

before removing the dtf print
Before removing the DTF print

1. Pre-treat the shirt: Test the shirt’s colorfastness by pre-treating it with a little quantity of rubbing alcohol before beginning the removal procedure. You may continue with the removal procedure if the colour doesn’t bleed.

2. Apply rubbing alcohol: After making sure the shirt is colorfast during testing, add rubbing alcohol to the DTF print using a cotton ball dipped in the substance. Ensure sure the rubbing alcohol has completely soaked the print.

3. Remove the DTF print by scraping it: Use the scraper tool to remove the DTF print off the shirt. Avoid using excessive force or scraping too roughly to avoid damaging the shirt.

4. Reapply rubbing alcohol: Reapply rubbing alcohol and let it stay for a few minutes to help break down the DTF print if it is difficult to remove.

5. Continue scraping: After reapplying the rubbing alcohol, keep carefully removing the DTF print from the shirt. Repeat this process until the print is completely gone.

6. Wash the shirt: To get rid of any leftover ink after removing the DTF print, wash the clothing in soapy water. The shirt may be hand washed with a mild detergent or placed on a soft cycle in the washing machine.

7. Dry: The shirt should next be dried by being laid flat on a towel or being hung up to dry naturally. Do not use a dryer as this may cause the shirt to shrink or get damaged.

after removing the dtf print
After removing the DTF print

This instructions will help you effectively and damage-free remove DTF print from a shirt. A shirt free of unwelcome DTF print will be the eventual outcome, however it could take some time and patience.

Tips for Success

  • The correct quantity of rubbing alcohol should be used: Use just enough rubbing alcohol to completely cover the DTF print. Rubbing alcohol may harm the shirt if used excessively.
  • Be delicate: Don’t use too much power while scraping the DTF print. Instead, be gently. A shirt may get damaged if you scrape too hard.
  • Test for colorfastness: Before beginning the removal procedure, always test the garment for colorfastness. This will lessen the chance of colour bleed or other clothing damage.
  • Working in tiny areas will help you successfully remove the DTF print. You can prevent accidently harming other parts of the garment by doing this.
  • After the DTF print has been eliminated, wash the garment right away to get rid of any leftover ink. This will reduce the likelihood of the clothing becoming harmed or stained.

You won’t have any problems removing DTF print off a garment if you have these recommendations in mind. To prevent ruining the shirt, keep in mind to be patient and take your time.

Alternate Method- Removing DTF Prints from any Garment

Looking for a more convenient and effective way to remove DTF print from a shirt? You may want to try using VLR letter remover by Albachem. Here is how you may use the treatment to get DTF prints out of any t-shirt:

Apply the solution: Apply a modest bit of VLR letter remover to the DTF print to get started. Be careful to apply just enough to completely cover the print, avoiding soaking through to the other side of the garment.

DTF print remover

Let it sit: Give the solution some time to settle on the DTF print. The print will become more dispersed and be simpler to erase as a result.

Wipe away the DTF print: Use a cloth or scraper tool and carefully wipe away the DTF print after letting the solution settle for a few minutes. Avoid applying too much pressure as this might harm the shirt.

Repeat: Apply additional DTF print remover and continue the method if required if the DTF print is difficult to erase. Let it set for a few more minutes.

Wash the garment: To get rid of any leftover ink after removing the DTF print, wash the clothing in soapy water. Dry the garment therafter.

DTF print may be quickly and painlessly removed off a garment by using VLR letter remover by Albachem. While using this solution, keep in mind to always abide by the manufacturer’s recommendations and to put on safety goggles and gloves.

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How long do DTF printed shirts last?

The durability of DTF printed shirts may vary based on a number of elements. It includes the print quality, the fabric quality, and how well you care for the shirt. Generally speaking, if you look after DTF printed shirts properly, they may endure for up to three years.

It’s crucial to remember that the precise brand or kind of ink used, as well as the printing procedure, all affect how long DTF prints last. Certain DTF prints might deteriorate or break over time, particularly if they come across unfavourable environmental factors like extended sunshine exposure or excessive humidity.

Following the care recommendations given by the manufacturer will help a DTF printed shirt last longer. This can include washing the shirt in cold water, staying away from chlorine and abrasive detergents, and letting the garment air dry rather than using a dryer. You can help make sure that your DTF-printed shirt lasts as long as possible by taking good care of it.

Is DTF ink permanent?

red tshirt printed using DTF heat press

DTF (Direct-to-Film) ink is sometimes referred to as a permanent ink since it is intended to produce durable prints on a variety of textiles.

These prints are often regarded as being far more robust and resistant to fading or cracking than other kinds of garment printing techniques like screen printing or heat transfer vinyl.

It’s crucial to remember that the DTF ink’s longevity depends on by how well you maintain the garment over time. DTF prints may fade or degrade over time due to factors including sunlight exposure, abrasive detergents, and frequent washing and drying cycles.

Therefore, even though DTF ink is a permanent ink that produces long-lasting prints, it is still crucial to properly care for clothing that is printed with this ink in order to make sure that the prints last as long as possible.

Is DTF printing washable?

The answer is yes, DTF (Direct-to-Film) printing is washable, and clothing that has been printed using this technique may usually be washed in the same manner as regular clothes.

DTF prints often outlast other kinds of garment printing techniques like screen printing or heat transfer vinyl. They are resistant to fading and breaking. To ensure that designs on clothing printed with DTF ink endure as long as possible, it’s still crucial to treat the clothes with care.

You should wash clothing printed with DTF ink in cold water without using strong detergents or bleach. This ensures that the designs stay brilliant and durable. Moreover, it’s a good idea to refrain from ironing directly on top of the print or drying these clothes on high heat. These acts might eventually cause the pattern to fade or shatter.

You can help make sure that prints made with DTF ink endure as long as possible by taking good care of clothing that has such designs on it.

Why you need to remove incorrectly printed DTF prints from Tshirts?

As a company owner or manufacturer, you may need to delete poorly produced DTF (Direct-to-Film) prints from T-shirts for the following reasons:

  • Aesthetics: If the print was applied poorly or contains smudges or other flaws, it may be unpleasant and have a detrimental impact on the garment’s overall appearance. Your revenue and reputation as a company will significantly impact if you are making T-shirts for sale.
  • Quality Control: Eliminating DTF prints that were improperly printed off T-shirts is a crucial component of quality control. It’s crucial to take T-shirts out of circulation if you discover that a batch is produced with inaccurate or flawed printing in order to prevent bad consumer feedback or returns.
  • Reusability: If the T-shirts have erroneous or out-of-date designs printed on them, deleting the printing may enable you to use them for future purchases. In this manner, you can save t-shirts that will otherwise go to trash for a reasonable price.
  • Saving money: By eliminating DTF prints that were improperly printed off T-shirts, you may avoid wasting money on supplies and resources that would have been used to print the wrong designs. This may reduce waste and boost your bottom line.

Conclusion | Removing DTF Prints from any Garment

While removing DTF print from clothing may appear difficult, it is fully doable with the appropriate tools and methods. You may easily remove an undesirable DTF print off your shirt without causing any harm if you follow the instructions provided in this article.

Don’t forget to test the colorfastness, use the proper amount of rubbing alcohol, and scrape the DTF print gently. To avoid any fading or stains, work in tiny parts and wash the garment right away after erasing the design.

By keeping these suggestions in mind, you can save your favourite shirt or remove an unflattering pattern to give yourself a fresh look. So give it a shot, and you’ll be surprised at how simple it is to get DTF print off of a shirt!


What is DTF printing?

Direct-to-Film (DTF) printing is a process for decorating clothing that includes printing images directly on a certain film, which is then heated up to transfer the images to the fabric.

Can I remove DTF prints from shirts?

Yes, it is possible to remove DTF prints off shirts using a variety of techniques. You can use Albachem’s VLR letter remover, heat, or a solvent.

Is it hard to get DTF prints off of shirts?

The kind of fabric, the particular DTF ink used, and the printing technique all affect how difficult it is to remove DTF prints off shirts. Nonetheless, DTF prints may be successfully removed using the appropriate methods and instruments.

Is it safe to remove DTF prints from shirts?

In general, it is safe to remove DTF prints off shirts as long as you implement the proper safety measures. For instance, it’s necessary to operate in a well-ventilated location and to use protective gloves and eyeglasses while utilising solvents or other chemicals.

Can removing DTF prints damage the shirt?

When removing DTF prints off shirts, improper methods or equipment might possibly harm the fabric. Nonetheless, there is little chance of tearing the shirt when utilising the right techniques and equipment.

How long does it take to remove DTF prints from shirts?

The method used, the print’s size, and the fabric’s composition all affect how long it takes to remove DTF prints off shirts. Even so, washing DTF prints out of clothing might take anything from a few minutes to an hour.

Can I remove DTF prints from all types of fabrics?

Yes, you can remove DTF prints from the majority of textiles, although the method’s efficiency may vary depending on the particular fabric. For instance, a milder removal technique could be necessary to remove DTF prints from fragile or sensitive materials.

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