Are you tired of compromising on print quality and size limitations? Say goodbye to conventional prints and welcome to extraordinary results with A3 Size DTF Printers. These cutting-edge printers are the key to unlocking vibrant colors, stunning details, and unlimited design possibilities.

DTF Printers are revolutionizing fabric printing with their cutting-edge technology and precision. Step into a new era of creativity and take your prints to the next level with these five top A3 size DTF printers. With over 3 years of field-experience in the DTF printing industry, we present this list based upon our usage and research.

DTF Printers A3 Size (Updated 2024)

Image DTF Printers Rating Price
For Small Business
Procolored L1800 A3 DTF Printer

Procolored L1800 A3 DTF Printer

  • Resolution : 5760*1440DPI
  • Print speed : A3 (1440dpi/7min)
  • Ink supply mode : 6 colors (CMYKWW 6-color/print head)
  • Print media: Leather/textile, etc.
  • OS: WindowsXP, 7, 10
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Value for Money
Punehod A3 DTF Printer L1800

Punehod A3 DTF Printer L1800

  • Print Technology : Inkjet
  • Print Media: All kinds of Fabrics
  • Ink supply mode : 5 colors (CMYK+WW)
  • Weight : 66 pounds (29.7 kg)
  • Ink consumption :1m2 / 10ml
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Top Class
Procolored R1390 A3+ DTF Printer

Procolored R1390 A3+ DTF Printer

  • Resolution : 5760*1440DPI
  • Print speed : A3 (1440dpi/7min
  • Ink supply mode : 6 colors, CMYK+WW
  • Print media : Leather/textile, etc.
  • Print head : R1390
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Full Bundle
PLK DTF L1800 Transfer Printer

PLK DTF L1800 Transfer Printer

  • Resolution : 1440*1440 DPI
  • Biggest Printing Size: Width Up to 13″, Length up to 328ft
  • Ink supply mode : 6 Colors CISS
  • Weight : 45 Kg
  • Ink consumption :1m2 / 20ml
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Tenee A3 L1800 DTF Printer

Tenee A3 L1800 DTF Printer

  • Resolution : 2880*1440 DPI
  • Print speed: 1400 DPI/10min
  • Ink supply mode : CMYK+WM
  • Weight : 25 Kg
  • Ink consumption :1m2 / 5ml
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With Dual Heads
13″ DTF-PRO A3 DTF Printer

13″ DTF-PRO A3 DTF Printer

  • Print head: : XP600*2
  • Print speed : 8PASS; 2 m2/H
  • Ink supply mode :CISS
  • Print media :PET Film
  • Heating/Absorption Function : Yes
  • OS: Windows
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With Vacuum Platform
Procolored 3360 UV DTF A3+ Printer

Procolored 3360 UV DTF A3+ Printer

  • Resolution : 5760*1440DPI
  • Print speed : 3-5 m2/ H, 8 pass
  • Ink supply mode : 18 colors (CMYKWW 6-color/print head)
  • Print media : Leather/textile, etc.
  • Software : included
  • OS: Windows XP, 7,10
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1. Procolored L1800 A3 DTF Printer

Procolored L1800 A3 DTF Printer

The Procolored L1800 A3 DTF Printer is the best choice for hassle-free, high-quality film transfer printing. This cutting-edge printer produces industrial-print-quality output at astonishing production rates.

It offers unmatched flexibility as it performs perfectly on a variety of fabric types, including cotton, polyester, blends, and more. With this printer, you can count on consistently excellent results whether you’re printing on white fabrics or dark clothing.

With its cutting-edge features, the Procolored L1800 improves your printing experience. Because of its sturdy construction, which guarantees dependability and longevity, it may be used in both large- and small-scale production contexts. The printer’s high resolution and ink saturation bring out the finest details and colours in your artwork.

This A3 L1800 DTF transfer printer excels in this area since efficiency is essential. Your productivity will increase and you will save crucial time, thanks to its speedy printing speed. This printer is capable of handling volume orders or small company operations and dependably produces top-notch results.


Roller Feeder and Fully Upgraded: Compared to conventional printers, the Procolored L1800 has a roller feeder, which considerably lowers the likelihood of paper jams. The completely updated design offers constant and dependable paper feeding, reducing pauses and downtime. This function boosts productivity and helps you avoid wasting time solving paper jams.

White Ink Mix and Circulation: The Procolored L1800 incorporates a white ink mix and circulation system that is specifically designed to prevent printer head clogs. The printer maintains a steady ink flow and lessens the possibility of jams by rotating the white ink continually. The print head’s lifetime is increased by this function, which also lowers maintenance needs and increases print head longevity.

Preheating Function and Adjustable Temperature: With the preheating function and adjustable temperature feature, the Procolored L1800 effectively heats the printed ink. Doing so keeps the ink from running and smearing, keeping the printing appearance and pattern. The prints produced will be of a high calibre, with clear lines and vivid colours, thanks to this capabilities.

Display of Temperature and Humidity: It has a temperature and humidity display that enables users to keep an eye on and modify the printing environment. For the finest printing results, maintaining ideal temperature and humidity levels is essential. This function enables users to set the optimal circumstances, assuring constant and accurate colour reproduction and minimising environmental hazards.

Professional Clothing Printing: This A3 DTF printer excels in professional clothing printing, thanks to its high resolution and true color rendering capabilities. The printer produces output of industrial print quality by accurately reproducing fine details and vivid colours. This capability offers the finest quality and aesthetic appeal when printing logos, images, or complicated designs on clothes.

Simple to use and good for beginners: The Procolored L1800 is intended to be simple to use and good for beginners. For DTF printing with this printer, unlike with certain printing techniques, there is no need for pretreatment. The printer’s one-pass printing capabilities further streamlines the procedure for both people and print businesses. It’s capabilities enable novices to print professional-quality prints without much training.

Credits: @Procoloredprofessionalprinter

Anti-scratch & Colorfast

Two noteworthy advantages of the Procolored L1800 A3 DTF Printer are its anti-scratch and colorfast qualities. Let’s examine these features’ benefits in more detail:

  • Scratch-resistance: The printer produces prints that are very resistant to scratches because to the use of micro-piezo inkjet technology. This indicates that even when exposed to normal wear and tear, printed pictures on diverse surfaces, such as textiles or clothing, will hold up well. The anti-scratch function preserves print quality and durability over time.
  • Colorfast: It’s micro-piezo inkjet technology ensures accurate colour reproduction, producing prints with true and distinct colours. These colours are also engineered to resist fading, so prints stay vibrant even when exposed to light, oxidation, or water. The prints’ colorfastness makes sure they keep their aesthetic appeal and fidelity to the original design for a long amount of time.
  • Long-lasting Maintenance: It prints have long-lasting maintenance because to the anti-scratch and colorfast qualities that are combined. Because the prints have a high degree of flexibility, they can resist repeated handling and washing without losing their quality. This avoids distortion and fading. Long-term usage is possible since the prints keep their clarity and brightness.
  • Durable Scratch Resistance: The Procolored L1800’s anti-scratch function makes it appropriate for many applications. The prints are less vulnerable to friction and abrasion on clothes, accessories, and other surfaces. Scratch-resistant prints from the printer guarantee that the finished items look good and last.

White Ink Filtration and Circulation

The Procolored L1800 A3 DTF Printer’s white ink filtration and circulation improve white ink printing and reduce printhead clogging. The benefits of this feature are as follows:

Better White Ink Printing: The printer uses a newly created system with stirring, circulation, and filtration technologies particularly made for white ink. The white ink’s activity and performance are enhanced by this technology, resulting in the best printing outcomes. The Procolored L1800 enhances white ink coverage and opacity for vivid and crisp prints on diverse textiles and surfaces.

Reduced Printhead Clogging: One of the major difficulties with printing with white ink is the potential for printhead clogging. This problem is addressed by the Procolored L1800’s white ink filtering and circulation technology. This technology ensures a smooth ink flow by removing contaminants and particles that might possibly clog the printhead. The printer performs consistently and reliably with less chance of blockages, requiring less maintenance and downtime.

Procolored L1800 A3 size DTF Printer

Enhanced Printing Performance: The printer’s white ink filtering and circulation mechanism not only enhances the print quality of white ink, but also adds to the machine’s overall performance and durability. The printer can keep operating without pauses due to printhead obstructions if the ink delivery system is kept clean and effective. Optimised performance assures consistent output and extends machine life, making it a dependable and cost-effective printing option.

Increased Productivity and Efficiency: The printer increases printing productivity and efficiency overall by reducing printhead clogging and providing better white ink performance. The consistent ink flow allows ongoing printing sessions, speeding up production and project completion. Businesses and print shops benefit from the printer’s reduced downtime and printhead cleaning and unclogging maintenance.

Waste Ink Collection Upgrades

The Procolored L1800 A3 DTF Printer’s waste ink collecting enhancements avoid leaks and save space. Let’s examine these benefits in further detail:

Integrated Waste Ink container: The printer has an integrated waste ink container, which improves space efficiency. It does away with the need for extra external containers or large accessories by including the waste ink collecting mechanism within the printer design. This A3 DTF printer is ideal for any office or printing environment because to its space-saving design.

Leakage Prevention from Overturning: The embedded waste ink bottle is designed with a secure mechanism that prevents ink leakage, even in the event of overturning or accidental mishandling. This function keeps the printer spotless and free of ink spills or other damage, safeguarding both the machine and the surrounding space. A cleaner and more effective printing process is facilitated by the safe storage of waste ink.

Hidden Bottom Waste Ink Collection Bin: The Procolored L1800 also includes a hidden bottom waste ink collection bin, which offers additional safeguards against ink leakage. This container is positioned carefully to collect any waste or extra ink generated during the printing process. The danger of ink leakage is reduced by retaining waste ink within the printer.

Paper Feed Function Upgrade

With an updated paper feed feature, the Procolored L1800 A3 DTF Printer delivers better performance and fewer paper jams and mistakes. Here are the benefits of this upgrade:

Smooth Roll Film Operation: The printer has a recently created attachment that is made exclusively for roll film. The roll film flows smoothly through the printer with this connection. Users can print consistently and efficiently with the roll film’s smooth functioning.

Reduced Paper Jams and errors: The Procolored L1800’s newest film-feeding rollers considerably cut down on paper jams and mistakes. These rollers minimize film misalignment and misfeeds by feeding the film precisely and accurately. This improvement saves time and money by reducing paper jams and mistakes. Users can now enjoy printing that is easier and more seamless.

Enhanced Reliability and Performance: It’s reliability and performance are improved by the paper feed function improvement, which lowers paper jams and mistakes.

By ensuring steady and smooth paper feeding, the printer functions with better precision and accuracy, producing high-quality prints with little disturbances. Users can meet deadlines and maintain a constant output due to its dependability, making printing workflows more effective and productive.

Better User Experience: The Procolored L1800 provides a better user experience, thanks to less paper jams and mistakes. Without paper feed difficulties, printing is easier. Users can concentrate on their ideas and projects instead of paper issues, thanks to the improved dependability and performance. This update increases the consumer satisfaction and printing is now more efficient and pleasurable.

Comparison with its Peers

When comparing the Procolored L1800 DTF Printer with the R2000 model, several key differences can be observed. To begin with, the L1800 uses the R1390 print head, whilst the R2000 uses the DX5 print head. Compared to the L1800’s 6-color ink supply, the DX5 print head of the R2000’s 8-color ink supply provides a larger color spectrum. Because of this, the R2000 could offer a wider variety of colors and more accurate color reproduction.

The R2000 is outperformed by the L1800 in terms of printing speed. The R2000 needs around 2-4 minutes to do a print job, but the L1800 can finish it in about 4-6 minutes. For short turnarounds or high-volume printing, the R2000’s quicker printing speed could prove beneficial.

The L1800 delivers higher printing quality than the R2000 in terms of printing effect. Even though the R2000 offers great print quality, the L1800 is built to provide even better outcomes. For high-quality prints, the L1800’s sophisticated technology and features provide more accurate color reproduction, finer details, and sharper pictures.

The models’ price tiers vary when it comes to cost. The Procolored L1800 is a sophisticated model that costs more than the R1390. However, the R2000 is a premium model, thanks to its DX5 print head and more ink channels. The R2000’s high price reflects its outstanding performance and capabilities. If you are looking for a DTF printer for your small business, L1800 is highly recommended.

  • High-quality output
  • Efficient A3 printing capabilities
  • Faster printing speed
  • Improved white ink circulation and filtration
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Beginner-friendly design
  • Durable construction
  • Professional-grade printing capabilities
  • Suitable for multiple fabric types and colors
  • Larger footprint compared to smaller printers
  • Not suitable for extremely high-volume printing
  • Requires regular maintenance and cleaning
  • May require additional space for roll film attachment
For Small Business
Procolored L1800 A3 DTF Printer
  • Resolution: 5760*1440DPI
  • Print speed: A3 (1440dpi/7min)
  • Ink supply mode: 6 colors (CMYKWW 6-color/print head)
  • Print media: Leather/textile, etc.
  • OS: WindowXP, 7, 10

Why we chose it: The Procolored L1800 A3 DTF Printer is a great option for printing on A3 paper, especially for small businesses. It is perfect for making large-scale prints with remarkable detail and clarity because to its cutting-edge features and high-quality output. Additionally, compared to other models, its higher printing speed provides effective creation of A3-sized prints, shortening turnaround time. The enhanced white ink circulation and filtration mechanisms guard against clogging and provide uniform, vivid colors on all kinds of cloth. All users may utilize it because to its user-friendly interface and beginner-friendly layout. The Procolored L1800’s strong build, consistent performance, and professional-grade printing capabilities make it ideal for A3 printing in design, advertising, fashion, and textile manufacture.

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2. Procolored R1390 A3+ DTF Printer

Procolored R1390 A3+ DTF Printer

The most recent development in direct-to-film printing technology is here: the Procolored R1390 A3+ DTF Printer. With its innovative features and capabilities, this machine elevates your printing experience to a whole new level.

What size is an A3 DTF printer? The Procolored R1390’s maximum transfer film width of 13 inches (33 cm) exceeds the typical A3 size transfer film’s width of 11.8 inches (30 cm), giving you more room to express your creativity. This printer gives you the area you want to realize your ideas, whether you’re printing a single giant design or several smaller ones.

But this printer stands out for more reasons than simply its size. The R1390 model has a stylish, contemporary appearance that is sure to attract your attention. If you need an A3 DTF printer for office use, this is what you should be looking for. Your office gets a stylish touch from its cool look and brilliant hues, which makes printing not only effective but also beautiful.

The ease of use of DTF printing technique over DTG (direct-to-garment) printing is one of its main benefits. DTF printing is quicker and easier to execute than DTG printing since it doesn’t need pre-treating textiles. Additionally, DTF prints could be used on a broader selection of textiles, enhancing your creative options and enabling you to meet different consumer demands.

Key Features

Print Head Warranty: The printer comes with a 6-month warranty on the print head. Knowing that any problem or flaw in the print head will be covered throughout the allotted time gives you piece of mind. It protects your investment by ensuring that you can depend on the printer’s functionality and durability. It’s crucial to remember that the ensure can be invalidated if blockages happen as a result of using unapproved inks.

Upgraded Packaging: The printer comes in an air box, which has a number of advantages. In the beginning, the air box packing lightens the package’s total weight, making it simpler to handle during shipment and transit. The second benefit is that it helps to reduce delivery costs, which is useful when ordering the printer from far-off places or when shipping overseas. This improvement might help you save money while also enhancing convenience.

Perfectly Adapted to Pro Rip Printing Software: The Procolored R1390 is designed to seamlessly integrate with the Pro Rip printing software. This program offers sophisticated features including the capacity to print many designs concurrently on the workbench. This function greatly accelerates print speed, enabling you to do more tasks faster. With up to 60% quicker printing than competing RIP tools, you can increase productivity and fulfill deadlines.

Multi-Faceted Upgrade: This printer has been upgraded in a number of ways to improve user experience and safeguard the device. The anti-scratch feature protects the printhead from film scratches, guaranteeing constant print quality over time. The machine’s concealed ink tanks help control ink odours, making the workspace more comfortable. Additionally, the printer’s small size means it won’t take up much room in your office, increasing order and efficiency.

Manufacturer Direct Supply: There are many benefits to buying the Procolored R1390 straight from the source. First, without middlemen in marketing and delivery, the price stays competitive, possibly saving you money compared to resellers. Second, the manufacturer offers qualified technical assistance after the transaction. This means that if you have any installation or printing difficulties, their professional crew can help you remotely, saving downtime and assuring seamless operation.

Easy-to-Use and Beginner-Friendly: The user-friendliness of the Procolored R1390 was considered throughout design. The printing procedure is simple after the first setup is finished. To begin printing, just import your design and click the print button. Beginners or users who like a simple printing process may especially benefit from this simplicity of use. The printer just needs frequent cleaning to be in top shape, saving you time and effort.

White Ink Filtration and Circulation

In order to improve white ink printing and reduce the chance of printhead clogging, the Procolored R1390 A3+ DTF Printer has an innovative White Ink Filtration and Circulation system. Stirring, circulation, and filtering work together to maximize white ink performance in this system.

The activity of white ink is substantially increased by using this cutting-edge method, producing higher printing quality. The technique makes sure that the white ink stays at the right consistency, so it doesn’t settle or get too thick, which could slow down the printing process.

Additionally, the filtering process effectively gets rid of any particles and contaminants that can be in the white ink. This filtering process ensures that only clean, smooth ink enters the printer, reducing clogging and maintaining uniform ink flow.

The White Ink Filtration and Circulation system helps the printer run smoothly and continuously by decreasing the possibility of printhead blockages. This not only assures high-quality prints but also increases the machine’s total service life, enabling you to benefit from dependable performance for a prolonged length of time. The Procolored R1390 A3+ DTF Printer’s innovative mechanism makes white ink printing fast, dependable, and with low-maintenance.

Waste Ink Collection Upgrades

To improve convenience and avoid any possible ink leakage difficulties, the Procolored R1390 A3+ DTF Printer provides cutting-edge Waste Ink Collection Upgrades.

The waste ink container that is integrated into the printer has several advantages. First off, by incorporating the waste ink collecting mechanism into the printer itself, this design frees up important area. It removes the need for external containers, making the arrangement more compact and orderly. You can make the most of your available space by neatly integrating the waste ink bottle.

The Procolored R1390 has a concealed bottom waste ink collecting bin in addition to the integrated waste ink bottle. The likelihood of any unintentional leaks is reduced by this design, which further improves ink containment. The covert bin is placed in an ideal location to catch and hold any excess ink generated during printing. The printer provides a tidy and trouble-free operation by keeping the used ink confined within a specific container.

Paper Feed Function Upgrade

A substantial Paper Feed Function Upgrade optimizes roll film feeding performance and reliability in the Procolored R1390 A3+ DTF Printer.

The printer ensures that the roll film travels smoothly during printing operations by including a newly developed attachment. This attachment guides and supports the film as it passes through the printer, preventing disturbances and uneven feeding. This improvement improves print quality by facilitating continuous paper movement.

The printer also has the most recent film-feeding rollers, which are designed to prevent paper jams and mistakes. These modern rollers provide the roll film with better traction and grip, guaranteeing uninterrupted movement through the printer. This upgrade boosts productivity and reduces downtime by minimizing paper jams and mistakes.

The Procolored R1390 A3+ DTF Printer’s Paper Feed Function Upgrade not only improves the printer’s general performance but also makes printing easier. With the roll film’s smooth operation and decreased paper jams and mistakes, you can experience consistent and high-quality prints, optimizing productivity and eliminating printing workflow disturbances.

Comparison with other models

inner view

When comparing the Procolored R1390 with its peers, namely the L1800 and DX5 (R2000), several factors come into play. The R1390 stands out as a dependable option due to its CMYKWW (6-color) ink supply, which strikes a decent equilibrium between color range and cost. The R1390 prints in roughly 5-8 minutes, which is much slower than the DX5 (R2000) (2-4 minutes) and just somewhat slower than the L1800 (4-6 minutes).

The L1800 has a superior printing effect than the R1390, which produces output of a standard quality. The DX5 (R2000) has the greatest printing result because to its CMYKWWWW (8-color) ink supply and superior printing technology.

The R1390 falls into the entry-level price bracket, giving it a more affordable choice. The L1800 belongs to the advanced category and has a few somewhat better features at a higher price. The DX5 (R2000) is regarded as a premium printer since it provides top-tier performance and features at a more expensive price.

User Testonomials

Real customer testimonials highlight several compelling reasons to consider purchasing the Procolored R1390 A3+ DTF Printer.

First of all, a consumer compliments the helpful customer service. They had a little problem, but were pleased with the quick and efficient solutions the customer care staff offered. This satisfying encounter reflects the company’s commitment to assuring customer happiness and fostering consumer confidence.

Another client comments that despite the software’s potential for complexity, the technical assistance provided was outstanding. The technical support staff worked with them carefully to solve any problems and achieve peak performance. Users, especially those who may be unfamiliar with DTF printing, may greatly benefit from this dedication to customer support and problem-solving.

One buyer considers the print head’s 6-month warranty to be an important feature. Users may rest easy knowing that any possible print head problems will be resolved throughout the allotted time, thanks to this warranty coverage. It emphasizes the manufacturer’s belief in the value of the product and dedication to client happiness.

Customers also value how easily accessible the customer service staff is and how readily available they are to help and support them. Users can get assistance and troubleshooting throughout their printing journey with this trustworthy and timely support solution.

The Procolored R1390’s quality and speed are also emphasized in the reviews. This printer is renowned for providing the performance required to operate a whole textile company successfully, allowing users to generate high-quality prints efficiently.

Customers also remark on the printer’s attractive appearance and usefulness. The machine’s bright colors, 13-inch (33cm) transfer film width, and ink cartridge integration provide for a good user experience. These characteristics provide a useful and user-friendly printing solution in addition to improving aesthetics.

  • Wider transfer film width
  • Responsive customer service
  • 6-month warranty for print head
  • Suitable for A3 and A3+ printing
  • Good quality and speed for printing
  • User-friendly design
  • Software can be difficult to operate
  • Initial learning curve for software
Top Class
Procolored R1390 A3+ DTF Printer
  • Resolution: 5760*1440DPI
  • Print speed: A3 (1440dpi/7min)
  • Ink supply mode: 6 colors, CMYK+WW
  • Print media: Leather/textile, etc.

Why we chose it: The Procolored R1390 A3+ DTF Printer is an excellent choice for A3 or A3+ printing. It exceeds the conventional A3 size of 11.7 inches (29.7 cm) and has a bigger transfer film width of 13 inches (33 cm), allowing for larger and more expansive reproductions. Users are reassured and supported by the printer’s exceptional print head warranty and helpful customer service, assuring efficient operations. Additionally, the printer’s speed, quality, and user-friendly design make it ideal for managing a whole clothing company. The Procolored R1390 A3+ DTF Printer is a great choice for printing requirements for A3 or A3+ because to its versatility and dependability.

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3. 13″ DTF-PRO A3 DTF Printer

Are you prepared to step up your printing performance? The Procolored DTF Pro is here to redefine your expectations of what a DTF printer can achieve. This user-friendly powerhouse was created with accuracy and ingenuity, and it features dual printheads that produce industrial-grade print quality at an amazing rate. Let’s explore the outstanding qualities that make the DTF-PRO A3 a game-changer in the textile printing industry.

DTF-PRO A3 size DTF Printer

To provide you with print quality that is unparalleled, the DTF-PRO A3 DTF Printer combines cutting-edge technology with meticulous engineering. With dual printheads, you can expect your prints to be sharp, vibrant, and incredibly detailed. This printer guarantees that your output will appear nothing less than stunning whether you’re producing complicated drawings or striking images.

Say goodbye to waiting around for your prints to finish. The efficiency of the DTF-PRO A3 is paramount. You can finish more projects in less time because to its remarkable printing speed, which will help you meet deadlines and keep your customers happy.

The DTF-PRO A3’s capacity to print on almost any sort of cloth makes it a distinguishing feature. DTF technology does not impose any composition constraints, in contrary to DTG (Direct-to-Garment) printing and sublimation printing. This implies that a variety of fabrics, including cotton, polyester, mixes, and others, are suitable for printing. No matter what your customers demand, this printer can handle it with ease.

Key Features

  • Enhanced Appearance: A new exterior not only improves the DTF Pro’s aesthetic appeal but also suggests a light build. This enables you to maintain excellent print quality while integrating it into your workflow with ease.
  • White Ink Circulation: There won’t be any more inconvenient printhead blockages or premature replacements. The white ink circulation technology from DTF Pro guarantees a more streamlined printing process and increases the lifespan of your printheads, saving you both time and money.
  • Displayable humidity and temperature: Accurately determine when your printing environment is optimal. You can ensure ideal circumstances, which will lead to consistent print quality and fewer production problems if you have precise humidity and temperature data at your fingertips.
  • Time and Efficiency Advantages from Dual Printheads: The dual printheads on the DTF Pro are more than just a feature; they’re a game-changer. Get greater printing efficiency and significant time savings, enabling you to manage more projects and adhere to strict deadlines with ease.
  • Exceptional Print Quality: Exceptional print quality is made possible by dual printheads. Take advantage of patterns with excellent resolution and little color distortion, providing your prints an impressive industrial finish for clients and customers alike.
  • Simple and User-Friendly Printing for Everyone: DTF Pro simplifies printing complexity. No more difficult steps or pre-treatment procedures. You can confidently handle the entire process, assuring a hassle-free and efficient operation, even if you have no prior printing expertise.

Compact Design, Superior Printing Experience

With a new exterior that oozes elegance and grace, this DTF printer has experienced a change. Creating a workspace you’re pleased of is more important than merely considering aesthetics. Your workspace can be made more pleasurable and motivating by adding an aesthetically beautiful printer to the overall setting.

We recognize the value of portability and space. You can now more easily integrate our product into your workflow because we’ve reduced its size and weight. You have more flexibility when setting up your equipment because it takes up less space. Additionally, because of the lighter weight, moving or repositioning the printer is simple and time- and effort-saving.

The print quality of DTF Pro is unaffected by its small size. Your output will always be clear, vivid, and clean, thanks to the superb print quality it maintains. A printer that not only looks attractive but also produces excellent results gives you the best of both worlds.

The experience matters in the field of printing. Not only does the small design save space, but it also improves the quality of your printing. It will be easier for you to concentrate on your creative process because of the more structured and clutter-free workspace. Plus, whether you’re a professional or a hobbyist, the excellent print quality guarantees that your finished products will be something you can be proud of.

White Automatic Circulation

When it comes to preventing printhead jams, Procolored’s proprietary technology, the white ink automatic circulation feature, is revolutionary. In the field of printing, printhead jams can cause a great deal of discomfort and expense.

In addition to preventing blockages, white automated circulation has the amazing advantage of extending the lifespan of your printheads by up to 50% when compared to standard DTF printers. This offers a significant cost-saving benefit. With this function, you could drastically lower the frequency of replacements, saving money and critical production time. Printhead replacements can be expensive and time-consuming.

Dual Printheads Array, Faster Printing Experience

Experience the future of printing like never before. The printing process has been transformed by the Dual Printheads Array technology from Procolored Pro. It considerably speeds up printing by using two printheads at once. No more enduring long wait times for your prints to finish. This enables you to accomplish more in a shorter amount of time, helping you to fulfill deadlines and satisfy clients with quick response times.

The dual printheads increase productivity while also increasing efficiency. This technology makes the process more efficient, enabling you to finish tasks with ease whether you’re working on a high-volume project or need to print several items at once. Say good-bye to inefficiencies and bottlenecks in your printing workflow.

Particularly in the world of printing, time is money. You can significantly boost your productivity using the Dual Printheads Array. Without being bound by slow printing speeds, you can finish more projects, accept more orders, and expand your business. It leads directly to greater output and financial success.

The Dual Printheads Array represents a significant advance in printing technology, not simply a small step in the right direction. It stands for Procolored’s dedication to provide you the most cutting-edge instruments to accomplish your printing objectives. Embrace the future of printing with a solution that sets you apart from the competition.

Professional RIP software-Procolored RIP

Procolored RIP is a high-end software program made to streamline your printing process. It makes hard operations simpler with a full PDF engine, cutting-edge grid algorithm, and fast processing capabilities. Standard ICC profiles ensure color accuracy, and it allows picture splitting and customizable printing for results that are tailored to your needs.

The software supports system permissions, enhancing workflow management. Users get prompt help from responsive tech support. Procolored RIP is a crucial tool for companies looking for extraordinary outcomes and optimized processes since it enables effective, customised, and high-quality printing.

Key Specifications

  • 8PASS; 2 m2/H Print Speed: This specifies the printer’s print speed. In this instance, the printer runs in the 8PASS printing mode at a pace of 2 square meters per hour. Although there are faster printing modes available for speedier results, this option guarantees excellent print quality.
  • XP600*2 Print Head: The print head is a critical component responsible for depositing ink onto the printing surface. Your printer has two XP600 print heads, enabling it to apply ink during printing ink precisely and effectively.
  • 330mm Print Width: The term “print width” describes the widest possible printing area. Your printer can handle media up to 330mm wide, letting you print in different sizes.
  • PET film in print: PET Film is a kind of plastic film that is often used for printing. It is renowned for its dependability and adaptability, making a broad variety of uses possible.
  • Alert for ink (Supported): Since the Ink Alert feature is supported, the printer can alert you when ink levels are low. As a result, your printing operations can run uninterrupted and you can be prepared.
  • Absorption/Heating Function (Yes): This is crucial to make sure that inks adhere to the printing surface appropriately, particularly when utilizing certain kinds of media. It enhances color brightness and print quality.
  • Operating System (OS: Windows): The Windows operating system is compatible with your printer. This implies that you can simply link it to a computer running Windows for easy control and administration. It’s essential for setting up your printing jobs and configuring printer settings.

What Customers Say?

Customers have appreciated the machine’s ease of setup, especially when using instructional videos. The user-friendly experience is further enhanced by the well-designed software. You can expect a hassle-free start to your printing journey. One of the standout features of this DTF Pro printer is its ability to produce outstanding prints with vibrant and true-to-life colors. Customers have praised the print quality, so you can be sure that your finished items will be impressive.

Knowing that you have access to excellent customer support can make a significant difference. Customers have remarked on how prompt and helpful Procolored’s customer service has been. This implies that you’ll have access to help right away.

Many clients have stressed how much this gadget has increased their production. Its performance and feature set have made it a worthwhile investment for the businesses they represent. It’s proof that your purchase will help your company succeed. It might be frightening to learn a new printing technique, but customers find that the learning curve with the DTF Pro printer is easy. Expect a stress-free ramp-up process that will make it easier for you to use the machine successfully.

  • Exceptional Print Quality
  • Fast Printing Speed
  • User-Friendly Setup
  • Responsive Customer Support
  • Cost-Effective Investment
  • Enhanced Productivity
  • Versatile Learning Curve
  • Business Growth
  • Limited Print Width: 330mm may restrict larger format projects
  • Primarily designed for PET Film
  • Limited to Windows operating systems
Highly Valued
13″ DTF-PRO A3 DTF Printer
  •  Print head: XP600*2
  •  Print speed : 8PASS; 2 m2/H
  •  Print on PET Films
  •  Heating/& Absorption Function

Why we chose it: This A3 size DTF Pro printer is an ideal choice for small businesses seeking a competitive edge. Even those who are completely new to printing can achieve outstanding results, thanks to its simple setup, excellent print quality, and brilliant colors. Rapid printing and attentive customer service boost confidence and productivity. Because of the minimal learning curve, this technology is easily adopted by small businesses. The pair of printheads further improve output consistency and efficiency. Overall, this device gives small businesses an affordable option that not only boosts productivity but also enables them to create eye-catching prints that satisfy client demands.

Flat $80 OFF Coupon: DTFSCHOOL80

4. Procolored A3+ 3360 UV DTF Printer

Procolored A3+ 3360 UV DTF Printer

Introducing the Procolored A3+ UV DTF Printer 3360, a revolutionary printing device that pushes the limits of flatbed printer size, shape, and height. With two sophisticated print heads, this cutting-edge printer lets you print high-quality graphics on a variety of surfaces.

Utilizing the most recent UV printing technology, the Procolored 3360 printer is designed exclusively for DTF (Direct to Film) applications. Direct printing on UV DTF film is possible with this printer, which builds on conventional UV machines. Now you can easily print your artwork on uneven surfaces.

The Procolored 3360’s A3+ size format gives you enough of room to express your ideas. This printer guarantees outstanding print quality with each output, whether you’re printing complex patterns, vivid photos, or eye-catching graphics. It lets you customise clothes, accessories, home décor, promotional materials, and more.

The printer meets the demands of professionals and enthusiasts with its simplicity, accuracy, and dependability. It is simple to use and has straightforward controls, and its durable construction guarantees reliable performance. With the Procolored A3+ UV DTF Printer, you can print with unsurpassed quality and unleash your creativity.

Key Benefits

With a variety of cutting-edge capabilities, this printer significantly improves your printing experience:

  • Automatic and Moisturizing System: The printer’s automatic and moisturizing system plays a crucial role in prolonging the service time of the print heads. This technology avoids print heads drying out, which may cause blockages and reduced print quality, by maintaining ideal moisture levels. With this function, your print heads will last longer and perform better.
  • White Ink Automatic Circulation: The white ink automatic circulation feature is a game-changer when it comes to maintaining the print heads and extending their lifetime. Compared to other inks, white ink is considered to be more prone to clogging. This function automatically circulates white ink to avoid blockages and guarantee smooth ink flow. By reducing clogs, you may print uninterrupted and prolong print head life.
  • Automatic Height Adjustment: This function provides a high level of efficiency and convenience. The printer effortlessly adjusts to changing printing material heights with its humanized design. You will save time and effort since there is no longer a need for manual adjustments. The printer automatically adjusts its height for optimum printing on thick and thin materials.
  • Two Adjustable UV Lamps Power: It provides the flexibility of two adjustable UV lamps power. You can easily adjust to various printing rates and materials, thanks to this function. Reduce the UV light power for fragile materials or slower printing rates. However, you could increase UV lamp power for faster curing with stronger materials or higher printing rates. This customizable function lets you manage the printing process for better print quality and performance.
  • High-Quality Screw Slide Track: The Procolored A3+ UV DTF Printer has a high-quality screw slide track technology as opposed to conventional belt conveyance methods. This innovation guarantees more precise printing location. The screw slide track’s accurate movement improves print quality, decreases misalignment and distortion, and allows exact registration when printing several layers or colors. This feature ensures expert and accurate outcomes, enabling you to print with the required degree of precision.

Vacuum Platform

Do you want an A3 UV DTF printer with vacuum table? The vacuum platform is a special and important part of the Procolored A3+ UV DTF Printer. It was made to deal with the problems that come with printing on soft materials like leather and similar surfaces. This function is essential for maintaining the integrity of the print material during printing as well as the printer nozzle.

Soft materials like leather pose a danger of warping or bending when printed on. This could happen as a result of the heat or pressure used during printing. In addition to degrading the print’s overall quality, warping may also harm the nozzle or even the material itself.

The vacuum platform offers a remedy for this issue. During printing, it generates a mild, constant suction force that keeps the material firmly in place. The vacuum platform makes sure that the printing process continues to be exact and precise by securely keeping the material flat and preventing it from warping.

You may easily print on soft materials with the vacuum platform without worrying about warping or damage. The secure hold provided by the platform maintains the stability of the material throughout the printing process, resulting in crisp and high-quality prints.

Automatic Wiping and Moisturizing System

This UV DTF Printer has a cutting-edge Automatic Wiping and Moisturizing System that is designed to provide the printhead the best possible care and security. Even when the printer is not in use, this function makes sure the printhead is kept in top condition.

The Automatic Wiping and Moisturizing System starts a printhead cleaning procedure automatically when the printer is switched on. In order to provide a clean and clear printing path, this procedure clears away any leftover ink or debris that may have collected since the previous usage. By starting each printing session with a pristine printhead, you can achieve consistent and high-quality prints.

Credits: @Procoloredprofessionalprinter

Additionally, the Automatic Wiping and Moisturizing System operates to maintain printhead moisture even when the printer is off or not in use. The printhead is kept wet to avoid drying out, which may cause blockages and further damage. The technology prevents printhead clogs and ensures smooth ink flow and consistent performance by maintaining ideal moisture levels.

The Automatic Wiping and Moisturizing System provides consumers with comfort and assurance. You no longer need to worry about manually cleaning the printhead or dealing with the negative consequences of printhead blockages. These upkeep procedures are handled automatically, saving you time and work and extending the printhead’s lifetime.

Adjustable UV lamp power

Adjustable UV lamp power, a feature that enables adaptability and safeguards against overheating, is a benefit of the UV DTF Printer 3360. This functionality enables you to tailor the UV lamp power to your particular printing needs, providing the best results on a variety of materials, including polyester film.

You could gain exact control over the curing process by adjusting the UV light output. This capability is crucial when dealing with heat-sensitive materials like polyester film. To ensure gentle and regulated curing and avoid any possible material damage or warping, you can reduce the UV lamp’s power.

The UV light’s power can be manually adjusted, which protects the bulb from overheating. Continuously using a lot of electricity might cause lamps to burn out early, which can raise maintenance expenses and downtime. You can regulate the temperature and extend the life of the bulb by setting the UV lamp power at a suitable level. This ensures that you may print more tangible goods without having to often change lamps, saving you time and money.

The UV DTF Printer has an adjustable UV lamp power function that gives you the freedom to improve curing conditions and lengthen the lamp’s lifespan. Whether dealing with polyester film or other materials, this function enables you to get the best print quality, prevent material damage, and make the most of your UV light investment.

Ink Circulation, Prevent Nozzle Clogging

The Procolored A3+ UV DTF Printer 3360 stands apart from conventional printers because to its unique ink circulation mechanism, which is a patented invention. This technique of continuous circulation is essential for avoiding nozzle blockage and maintaining ongoing printing operations. In comparison to traditional printers, the print head’s lifetime is increased by an amazing 50%.

Nozzle blockage can be a serious problem in printing, causing problems with output quality and sometimes expensive maintenance. This issue is resolved by the printer’s ink circulation mechanism. Ink doesn’t settle or dry up in the nozzles since the mechanism circulates it.

This cutting-edge technique makes it possible to print consistently and dependably by maintaining the ink flowing and the nozzles clean. Because fewer nozzle clogs occur, you need less maintenance or replacement, which results in cost savings and less downtime.

With the Procolored 3360’s ink circulation mechanism, you can securely print big volumes or continuously without blockages. This cutting-edge technology keeps your prints accurate and consistent, saving you time and money.

  • Breaks limits of printing height, shape, and size
  • UV DTF technology for direct printing on film
  • Automatic and Moisturizing System for printhead care
  • White Ink Automatic Circulation for minimized clogs
  • Automatic Height Adjustment for easy material adaptation
  • Adjustable UV Lamp Power for versatile printing
  • Vacuum Platform for flat printing on soft materials
  • Ink Circulation System for prevention of nozzle clogging
  • Higher price compared to entry-level A3 size DTF printers
  • Require occasional maintenance and calibration
  • Requires proper ventilation due to UV lamp usage
  • Large footprint, requiring ample space for installation
With Vacuum Platform
Procolored 3360 UV DTF A3+ Printer
  • Resolution: 5760*1440DPI
  • Print speed:  3-5 m2/ H, 8 pass
  • Ink supply mode: 18 colors (CMYKWW 6-color/print head)
  • Print media: Leather/textile, etc.
  • Software: included

Why we chose it: The Procolored A3+ UV DTF Printer 3360 is a great option for A3 printing because to its impressive capabilities. One standout feature is the vacuum platform, specifically designed to cater to A3-sized prints. In order to avoid warping and possible harm to the nozzle and print material, the vacuum platform makes sure that delicate materials like leather remain flat during printing. This function ensures accurate and superior printing on A3-sized substrates, producing results that are professional. The vacuum platform of the Procolored A3+ UV DTF Printer 3360 lets customers reliably print outstanding A3 prints on a variety of substrates.

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5. PLK DTF L1800 Transfer Printer

Introducing the PLK DTF Transfer L1800 Printer, a revolutionary upgrade in the realm of DTF transfer printing. This cutting-edge device combines a roll feeder with an auto heat station, addressing the common issue of paper jams found in traditional printers.

Say goodbye to limitations, as this printer empowers you to print the exact length you need, enhancing efficiency and speed. Not only does it excel in roll printing, but it also seamlessly transitions into a versatile sheet printer. Elevate your printing experience with the PLK DTF Transfer L1800 – where innovation meets precision in every print.

PLK DTF L1800 Transfer Printer

Advanced White Ink Circulation System

Ensure a seamless printing experience with its advanced white ink circulation system. Designed to prevent sediment and head clogs, it extends the service life of the print head. The built-in white ink agitator automatically circulates the ink, eliminating the hassle of manual intervention. Enjoy uninterrupted printing, saving time and resources.

Experience unmatched user-friendliness with this A3 size DTF printer. No need to adjust the physical position of the printhead; simply add ink and start printing. Enhance production efficiency significantly by directly transferring prints from PET film to T-shirts with a heat press. Simplify your workflow, making each step hassle-free and maximizing productivity.

Versatile Applications

From fabrics and T-shirts to bags, hats, and more, PLK DTF printer boasts a versatile application range. Whether you’re working with denim, cotton blends, polyester, or athletic mesh fabrics, achieve professional-quality prints on various surfaces. Elevate your creativity with endless possibilities in textile and garment decoration.

Rest easy with PLK’s dedicated after-sales support. Compatible with Windows 10/11, the printer’s software ensures efficient and error-free printing. Count on the professional team of engineers for high-quality remote services. Should any issues arise during usage, PLK is committed to providing prompt and effective solutions, ensuring a smooth printing journey.

Key Specifications

  • A3+ Roll & Sheet Printing: Enjoy the flexibility of both roll and sheet printing in A3+ size, accommodating diverse printing needs. This feature allows seamless adaptation to different printing formats for enhanced versatility.
  • Printing Up to 13″ Width DTF Film Rolls or Sheet: Achieve precision in printing with the capability to handle film rolls or sheets up to 13 inches in width. This accommodates a wide range of materials and sizes, providing ample creative freedom.
  • Film In/Out Control: Streamline your printing process with film in/out control, facilitating efficient loading and unloading of DTF film. This feature enhances user convenience and minimizes downtime.
  • Temperature Control: Take command of the printing environment with temperature control. This feature ensures optimal conditions for printing, preventing issues related to ink flow and contributing to consistent print quality.
  • Software Cleaning Printhead: Maintain the longevity of your printhead with software-based cleaning capabilities. This automated cleaning process enhances the performance and lifespan of the printhead, ensuring reliable and high-quality prints.
  • Biggest Printing Size (Width Up to 13in, Length Up to 328ft): Explore expansive creative possibilities with the ability to print up to 13 inches in width and an impressive length of up to 328 feet. This larger printing size allows for ambitious and continuous printing projects.
  • HD 1440*1440 DPI: Experience stunning print resolution with High Definition (HD) at 1440×1440 dots per inch (DPI). This ensures sharp, detailed, and professional-quality prints, capturing intricate designs with precision.
tshirt printing results by PLK DTF printer
  • CMYK+WW 6 Color: Achieve vibrant and accurate color reproduction with the CMYK+WW six-color configuration. This color palette expands the range of printable hues, providing the capability to produce vivid and realistic prints.
  • Operation System (Windows 7, 8, 9, 10, 11): Enjoy compatibility with a range of Windows operating systems (Windows 7, 8, 9, 10, 11), ensuring seamless integration into various computing environments for ease of use.
  • Heater: Prevent the Ink from Flowing: Maintain consistent ink viscosity and prevent flow-related issues with a dedicated heater. This feature contributes to stable and reliable printing by regulating ink behavior.
  • Suction Platform: Prevent the PET Film from Wrapping & Damaging the Printhead: Ensure the integrity of your printing process by preventing PET film wrapping and potential printhead damage with the suction platform. This feature enhances overall print quality and minimizes material wastage.
  • Fabric Printing Range: Expand your printing horizons with a diverse fabric printing range. From T-shirts and sportswear to home textiles and custom fabrics, this printer caters to a wide array of applications, providing versatility in garment and textile decoration.
  • Circuit Overload Protection: Safeguard your equipment with built-in circuit overload protection. This feature enhances the printer’s durability and reliability by preventing damage from electrical issues, ensuring long-term performance.

What Customers Say?

Testimonial #1

Investing in the PLK DTF Transfer L1800 Printer has proven to be a decision I’ll never regret. From the moment I placed my order, the delivery was super quick, and the customer service surpassed my expectations. Despite initial confusion during the program installation, the support team’s excellence shone through as they practically installed the entire system while patiently guiding me.

Once set up, the printer delivered outstanding results with vibrant colors and smooth ink application. It’s user-friendly, and the thorough instructions ensure a seamless experience. The after-sales support is top-notch, responding promptly even during late hours, resolving any issues promptly. I’m genuinely impressed with the positive experience provided by PLK.

Testimonial #2

My new printer has become an absolute favorite in my workspace. The prints are not only visually stunning but also boast a smooth texture that enhances the overall quality. The clear and detailed instructions make it easy for beginners, and the A+++ support team is a valuable asset.

Their timely assistance, despite time zone differences, makes the support well worth the investment. For a first-time DTF printer user like myself, navigating the device has been remarkably easy once the initial settings were dialed in. With daily cleaning, the machine operates seamlessly, and I couldn’t be more satisfied with my purchase.

Testimonial #3

The exceptional service provided by PLK stands out prominently. After configuring my printer independently, I encountered a program issue a few days later. Surprisingly, the support team responded quickly, even late at night, swiftly resolving the problem. This level of dedication to customer satisfaction is truly commendable, making PLK a reliable choice for anyone seeking a trustworthy company.

  • Efficient Installation and Swift Delivery
  • Vibrant and Tactile Prints
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Responsive Customer Support
  • Versatility in Fabric Printing
  • Reliable and High-Quality Printing
  • Compact Design with Powerful Features
  • Daily Cleaning Requirement
  • Time Zone Dependency for Support
  • Initial Program Installation Complexity
PLK DTF L1800 Transfer Printer
  •  Resolution: 1440*1440 DPI
  •  Biggest Printing Size: Width Up to 13″, Length up to 328ft
  •  Ink supply mode: 6 Colors CISS
  •  Ink consumption:1m2 / 20ml

Why it is good for small business: The PLK DTF Transfer L1800 Printer is an ideal choice for small businesses seeking reliable and efficient printing solutions. Its quick delivery, user-friendly setup, and outstanding customer service alleviate concerns for first-time buyers. The printer’s seamless operation, vibrant color output, and smooth ink application ensure high-quality prints, boosting the visual appeal of products. With clear instructions and a responsive support team, even beginners find it easy to navigate. The compact design, versatile fabric printing range, and daily maintenance simplicity make it a practical investment for small businesses looking to enhance productivity, achieve professional results, and receive unparalleled support.

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6. Tenee A3 L1800 DTF Printer

Introducing the Tenee A3 L1800 DTF Printer – a pinnacle of advanced technology delivering unparalleled image quality. This innovative DTF transfer printer redefines printing standards, seamlessly combining precision with affordability. Designed for optimal performance, the Tenee L1800 ensures vibrant and lifelike prints, making it an exceptional choice for both small businesses and individuals alike.

With user-friendly operation and minimal maintenance requirements, this printer is a reliable companion for those seeking top-notch results without compromising on efficiency. Elevate your printing experience with the Tenee A3 L1800 DTF Printer, where excellence meets accessibility.

Tenee A3 L1800 DTF Printer

State-of-the-Art Ink Systems for Printhead Clarity

Experience uninterrupted printing with its state-of-the-art ink systems. Featuring white ink agitation, circulation, and automatic printhead cleaning, Tenee DTF printer ensures ongoing clarity for your printhead, preventing the inconvenience of ink blockages. Regardless of the intricacy of your design, enjoy a seamless printing process without worrying about clogged printheads

The cutting-edge air suction system guarantees a smooth transfer film experience, preventing wrinkles during printing. With rapid ink fixing heating technology, the ink efficiently solidifies on the film, ensuring impeccable results. The reliable paper input/output system further eliminates concerns about paper jams, providing a hassle-free and smooth printing experience.

Versatility Across All Fabric Types

From cotton and polyester to leather, the Tenee A3 DTF printer is designed to cater to a variety of fabric types. Whether it’s t-shirts, jeans, hats, handbags, or other textiles, the printer offers exceptional performance, making it the ideal choice for diverse printing needs. Explore endless possibilities with our printer on a wide range of fabrics.

The company’s commitment to your satisfaction extends beyond the purchase. Benefit from Tenee’s specialized post-sales team offering personalized one-on-one technical guidance. Available 24/7, their expert team is particularly dedicated to assisting with software installation. Enjoy top-notch remote support to ensure a smooth and enjoyable printing experience.

Tenee A3 DTF Printer top view

Key Benefits

1. Faster DIY Printing on Dark and Light Fabrics: The printer is designed for swift DIY printing on both dark and light fabrics, providing efficiency and speed for your creative projects. Whether you’re working with rolls or sheets, this printer ensures a quick and seamless printing experience, making it ideal for various fabric applications.

2. Three Advanced Ink System for Printhead Efficiency: Benefit from the advanced ink system, guaranteeing a smooth and clog-free operation of the printhead. With features like white ink steering, regular automatic cleaning, and white ink circulation, Tenee printer maintains optimal printhead performance, ensuring consistent and high-quality prints.

3. Heating System to Prevent Ink Flow: Tenee A3 DTF printer is equipped with a heating system that efficiently prevents ink flow issues. This ensures that the ink solidifies appropriately, preventing smudging and ensuring precise printing results. Enjoy a hassle-free experience with a printer that prioritizes the integrity of your prints.

4. Air Suction System for Wrinkle-Free Printing: Experience wrinkle-free printing with the innovative air suction system. This feature guarantees a smooth transfer film experience, preventing wrinkles during the printing process. Enjoy professional-looking prints without the worry of imperfections.

5. Paper In/Out System for Seamless Operation: The printer incorporates a reliable paper in/out system, ensuring a seamless printing process. Say goodbye to concerns about paper jams and interruptions. This feature enhances the overall efficiency of the printing operation, allowing you to focus on your creative endeavors.

6. User-Friendly Design for Easy Operation: Designed with simplicity in mind, this printing machine is easy to use, catering to both beginners and experienced users. Enjoy a user-friendly interface that streamlines the printing process, making it accessible and efficient for everyone. Embrace the convenience of DIY printing without the complexities.

Tenee DTF Printer back panel view

Key Specifications

  • Printing Speed: Achieve a high-resolution output of 1400dpi in just 10 minutes, ensuring efficient and timely completion of your printing projects.
  • Printing Head: Equipped with the L1800 printing head, delivering precision and quality for your printing needs.
  • Ink Supply Mode: Utilizes a Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS) for a consistent and uninterrupted ink flow, ensuring smooth operation.
  • Biggest Printing Size: Offers expansive printing capabilities with a maximum width of 13 inches and an impressive length of up to 328 feet, providing versatility for a variety of printing applications.
  • White Ink Output: Supports simultaneous white and color printing, allowing for vibrant and diverse output options to meet your creative requirements.
  • Operation System: Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11, providing a user-friendly interface for seamless printing operation.
  • Ink Type: Utilizes Pigment Ink, ensuring durable and long-lasting prints with enhanced color vibrancy.
  • Printing Color: Incorporates CMYK+WM color printing, expanding the color spectrum for more vivid and dynamic print results.
  • Printing Resolution: Boasts a high printing resolution of 2880*1440DP, ensuring sharp and detailed output for your designs.
  • Ink Consumption: Efficiently consumes ink at a rate of 5ml per square meter, providing cost-effective and economical printing.
  • Net/Gross Weight: With a weight of 25kg (net) and 30kg (gross), the printer offers a balance between stability and portability, making it suitable for various working environments.

What Customers Say?

Testimonial #1

My recent acquisition of the Tenee DTF Transfer Printer has left me thoroughly impressed by its capabilities. The innovative utilization of PET film for printing has truly transformed the game. The need for pre-processing clothing is now a thing of the past, saving me considerable time and effort.

The prints on the PET film transfer seamlessly onto the T-shirt using a heat press, delivering results that even surpass my previous experiences with a DTG printer. I’m extremely pleased with it.

Testimonial #2

My experience with the Tenee DTF Transfer Printer has been nothing short of impressive. The setup was hassle-free, and their responsive remote support ensured that software installation was a breeze.

The print quality is exceptional, with colors that truly pop. From T-shirts to swimwear and leather, this printer consistently delivers outstanding results. The durability of the prints can easily rival traditional silkscreen printing.

  • Rapid Printing Speed
  • Versatile Printing Size
  • Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS)
  • Simultaneous White and Color Printing
  • Compatibility with Windows OS
  • Pigment Ink Utilization
  • High Printing Resolution
  • Moderate Weight
  • Moderate Ink Consumption Efficiency
  • Initial Learning Curve
Tenee A3 L1800 DTF Printer
  • Speed: 1400 DPI / 10min
  • Printing Size: Width Up to 13in, Length up to 328ft
  • Resolution: 2880*1440 DPI
  • Ink Consumption: 1m² / 5ml
  • Color: CMYK+WM

Why it is good for small business: The Tenee DTF Transfer Printer proves invaluable for small businesses, offering a seamless and efficient printing solution. Its innovative use of PET film eliminates the need for pre-processing clothing, saving time and effort, crucial for businesses with limited resources. The printer’s hassle-free setup and responsive remote support make it accessible to users with varying technical expertise. Its versatility across fabric types ensures a broad range of applications, catering to diverse business needs. With exceptional print quality and durability rivaling traditional methods, the Tenee DTF Transfer Printer becomes an essential asset, empowering small businesses to produce vibrant, high-quality prints without compromising on efficiency or budget.

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What is the difference in A3 and A3+ DTF paper?

A3 and A3+ are both paper sizes commonly used in printing. The primary difference between A3 and A3+ lies in their dimensions.

A3 Paper: The standard paper size for A3 is 297 x 420 millimeters, or 11.7 x 16.5 inches. It is used often for posters, brochures, and other publications that call for a bigger format since it is larger than the typical A4 size (210mm x 297mm).

A3+ Paper: A3+ is also known as “Super A3” or “SRA3.” Its measurements are 329 x 483 mm, or 13 x 19 inches. Larger than A3, A3+ paper is often used in graphic design, photography, and professional printing. With additional bleed area for trimming, its bigger size enables the printing of more substantial designs, photographs, or artwork.

In summary, A3 paper is smaller than A3+ paper. A3 is used for regular posters and papers, whereas A3+ is utilized for professional printing and design applications that need additional area for bleed and trimming.

How much is an A3 DTF printer?

An A3 DTF printer’s cost could differ according on the vendor, manufacturer, model, and features, among other things. But considering the price range of $1700 to $4400, you can anticipate finding A3 DTF printers in that area.

You could find entry-level or more affordable A3 DTF printers with rudimentary features and capability at the lower end of the price range, approximately $1700.

Around $4400, you’ll discover higher-quality A3 DTF printers with more advanced features, faster printing speeds, higher print resolution, and even networking or color management options.


What is the advantage of using an A3 size DTF printer?

A3 size DTF printers offer a larger printing area, allowing you to print designs, images, and artwork in a bigger format compared to standard A4 printers. This makes them ideal for producing larger posters, banners, or other materials that require more visual impact.

Can an A3 size DTF printer print on different types of materials?

Yes, A3 size DTF printers are designed to print on various materials, including fabrics such as cotton, polyester, and blends. With the right DTF inks and pre-treatment process, these printers can produce high-quality prints on textiles, allowing for vibrant colors and detailed designs.

What resolution can an A3 size DTF printer achieve?

A3 size DTF printers typically offer high resolution, with many models capable of printing at resolutions ranging from 1440 dpi (dots per inch) to 5760 dpi. This ensures sharp and precise details in your prints, resulting in excellent image quality.

Are A3 size DTF printers suitable for professional use?

Yes, businesses use A3 size DTF printers in professional printing businesses, garment decoration services, and graphic design studios. They provide a versatile and cost-effective solution for producing large-format prints on various textiles, making them suitable for commercial applications.

What factors should I consider when purchasing an A3 size DTF printer?

When buying an A3 size DTF printer, consider factors such as print quality, speed, ink compatibility, maintenance requirements, software compatibility, and after-sales support. It’s also important to evaluate your specific printing needs and budget to ensure you choose a printer that meets your requirements effectively.

What is an A3 printer?

An A3 printer is a type of printer that can print on paper sizes up to A3, which measures approximately 11.7 x 16.5 inches or 297 x 420mm. It is larger and more expensive than standard A4 printers and we use it for printing larger documents such as posters and brochures.

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